About Us

ICD-Nepal is a non-political, nonprofit making service oriented NGO. Established in 2062, which is registered in district administration office of Kavre.

It is affiliation with Social Welfare Council (SWC) and PAN. The organization is formed by Ex-ADRA Nepal Staff. In the short time history ICD-Nepal has succeed to introduce itself in the community as well as in the country. As a pure social organization to enhance health and socioeconomic aspects of community people. The staff have passion and dedication for their work, and are focused towards achieving the goals of this organization. The employees of ICD Nepal are well versed in working under international and professional standards. They are committed and believe in strong teamwork, effective management techniques and transparency of performance.

ICD Nepal and its Approach

Its community-based programming creates links between preventive and curative health, education, income generation, microfinance, food security, agriculture, environmental protection, sanitation and disaster response and recovery.

These programs are implemented by forming partnerships with disadvantaged communities, service providers, the Government of Nepal and donor agencies. ICD Nepal does not discriminate by caste, religion, sex or political affiliation, but focuses on working with the most disadvantaged groups. Its programs contribute to the improvement of the social and economic status of the community and are in line with the Government of Nepal’s Poverty Reduction Strategy and efforts to achieve the United Nations Millennium Development Goals.